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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Racism and Intelligence

Go together like being dead and breathing. The only way "dead and breathing" happens is if you're brain dead, and for the reddest of necks out there, I'm saying you have to be brain dead to be a racist.

I'll use an analogy: "All white cars are superior to black cars, yellow cars or brown cars." It's obvious that this statement is idiotic and that whoever utters it, believes it and lives it is an idiot. And don't give me that feeble-minded retort of "Cars are not people." That's obvious too. By saying that, you're stupidly attacking the elements of the analogy (mere props) while ignoring the underlying principal.

Again, for the brain dead, I'll explain: Outside color is no indication of internal quality, whether the topic is cars or human beings. To insist that this statement is false requires willful ignorance, defective thinking and cowardice.

** Willful ignorance: You choose to ignore or avoid the evidence of genius, passion, heroism, talent and humanity in persons whose skin color doesn't match yours.
** Defective thinking: You conclude your views are rational based solely on emotion, leap to conclusions based on no evidence and filter thoughts according to criteria that have no logical basis.
** Cowardice: You are a racist because you are afraid of "them". Instead of facing the fear and exposing it as a silly wispiness, you choose to wrap yourself in it and boast about your moronic lifeview.

Think of any widely-acknowledged hero, in fact or fiction. (The stupid among you pick someone other that a person generally considered a monster, criminal or sociopath. I am assuming you can read and understand, so I'm probably backing a dead horse here.) Could you describe that hero/heroine as being willfully ignorant, defective in thought and a coward?

Being heroic, rising above the average to almost superhuman level, represents what's best about humanity. If what's best about humanity is the direct opposite of what racism represents, then what does that make a racist? Subhuman? The same word they often use to describe "them"? Funny how the finger points in the wrong direction.

Babies are not born racists. Racism is not genetic. One learns to be a racist by having their intellectual and emotional growth stunted by lies, fear and cruddy thinking. So you racists, go ahead and blame your parents and family. They were idiots. Then suck it up and understand that you are responsible for still being one.


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