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Monday, March 21, 2005

Sweet Sue

It would be so dramatic to say that I recall the first moment I saw the sky-blue can, tall and inviting, with its sunny-faced Sue smiling all my cares away. Dramatic indeed.

No can do. I bought my first two cans of Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings on a whim. I’d never had dumplings, or at least, I didn’t remember ever eating them. I knew what they were (in theory) and I’ve always been partial to soups anyway.

The part I liked best was the fact that it was a 48-ounce can, a can worthy of feeding a hungry family. None of this Campbell’s Soups “add a can of water” tripe, either. This was the essence of good food: open, heat and serve.

You can smirk at my gourmet pretensions. Before I had any faith in my culinary abilities, I had to survive first and 48 ounces of anything edible would keep me alive for at least another couple of days.

On a chilly fall night, I cranked open the first can and set it to heat. It looked great, home-made rather than machine-churned. Sweet Sue looked smilingly out of place in the wastebasket so I turned the can to have her face downwards: out of sight, out of mind.

I served myself a large bowl of chicken and dumplings and had my first spoonful.

Here’s what’s left of my initial paragraph once references to sexual peaks and over-bearing emotional excesses were wisely pared away: The soup was hearty, savory and satisfying from start to finish.

I finished the first can, opened, heated, served and polished off the second as well. Restraint often eludes me. Over the next several years, Sweet Sue and I had plenty of dinner, lunch and breakfast dates. I particularly enjoyed reheating the soup a couple of times until the dumplings softened the soup into a heavy stew. It was the first meal I turned to when the weather was cold and the first I turned to when my time for seclusion was ending. It filled my stomach, warmed my heart and gave me moments of peaceful bliss amidst storms.

Gives “Rhapsody in Blue” a different meaning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet sue chicken and dumplings suck. I bought a pint size can and it might have had a teaspoon of chicken. They should rename it dumplings and chidken flavor.

November 04, 2005 9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, get the big can it has big chunks. I've never had the little can but it sounds so girly-man anyway.
Anyway, I love Sweet Sue! So comforting on a winter day. I like to add lots of cracked pepper and/ or a can of chicken stock! mmm-mmm good! (sorry Campbell's)

February 01, 2006 11:36 AM  

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